Though Deb has been a journalist, editor, marketer and creative director, her advocacy for socially responsible business practices is perhaps less well known.

Before joining Harvey Nichols, Deb left her role as Creative Director of Harrods and joined Eco-Age – the sustainability consultancy run by Livia Firth.


On a steep learning curve she had enormous fun working with luxury brands, helping them adopt more responsible business practices, address their impact on the environment, and become more accountable for their supply chains.  


Since arriving at Harvey Nichols, Deb has spearheaded several initiatives, including setting up a responsible business practices committee to address Harvey Nichols’ environmental footprint, and integrating partnerships with charities into the company’s agenda. These initiatives echo her belief in ‘deeds not words’ as well as her view that meaningful change must be at the heart of every forward-thinking organisation. 

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