Last year welcomed the launch of our hugely successful Sustainable Lifestyle Awards. The first awards of its kind to verify and celebrate brands that hold style and substance in equal measure. Our expert panel of judges, that include industry professionals and sustainability experts from Harvey Nichols, Reve En Vert, TRAID, Anthropologie, The Restory to name a few, put the spotlight on the conscientious creators who are dedicated to making beautiful lifestyle products with positive social and environmental impacts, and the response was overwhelming.


We are delighted to announce that we will be holding the SL Awards again in 2020 -entries will open in September.



Perhaps what is most interesting about the SL Awards is the sheer wealth of information and inspiration out there. From our round table discussions, it has become apparent that if we are to elevate the sustainable agenda so that it becomes part of main stream consumption, we need to support young businesses and share our knowledge, expertise, experience with them and citizens alike. 


It is from this need that we have launched the Sustainable Lifestyle Academy. 

What exactly is the Sustainable Lifestyle Academy (SL Academy)? 


With ‘Sustainable’ being a buzzword of our times, it can mean different ideals to brands and citizens, however, with so many interpretations this can be more confusing than helpful, especially for those just starting out on their sustainable journey.


This is were the SL Academy is here to help.


The SL Academy is here to cut through the noise by providing SMEs and citizens with clear, bitesize, tangible tools and tips from leading industry professionals within the sustainable and lifestyle spaces.


For brands, this might include advice on digital marketing, how to get in-front of buyers, where to source materials. For citizens, maybe you are looking at how to implement a work/life balance through exercise, nutrition, mindfulness. 


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” Helen Keller


We are here to inspire and support you and because we are a community acting together, you get to ask the questions. Join us fortnightly as we host live Q&A sessions on our instagram stories with our expert speakers, where they answer the questions that mean the most to you.


The SL Academy is a platform open to all and no question is too small. If we are all to help change the way we live and consume then we have to start at the beginning in helping to take those first steps towards a healthier and more sustainable future.


And to ensure we are covering the topics that mean the most to you, have your say by filling in the form below and we will help to find the solutions.


We look forward to welcoming to our SL Academy.  


“The SL Awards are a great platform to support sustainable brands both big and small”




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