Lilo Ask-Henriksen

Lilo is the founder of Honey&Roots; a platform where she shares knowledge about the interconnection between food and agriculture, health and nutrition, environmental sustainability, and socio-economic factors, enabling us to identify solutions that enhance human, animal and planetary health.  Lilo’s goal to inspire her audience to take action with a positive impact. 

Lilo has had extensive educational and practical experience within the field of sustainability, health (lifestyle and nutrition) and digital marketing. She has a medical background as a Registered Veterinary Nurse, has a Foundation Degree in Basic Science in Medicine, a Bachelor’s of Science in International Business Management, a Postgraduate Diploma in Chinese Nutritional Therapy and is a Certified Medical Laser Therapist. 

Lilo was shortlisted for the BOOM Awards in 2017, has featured in Balance Magazine as the top Organic and Natural influencer to follow in 2018 and is currently one of 5 finalists in this year’s BOOM Awards: Organic Blogger (finalist revealed end of June).

Lilo was born in Norway and currently lives in London where she works as an Eco Influencer and freelance Health Consultant.

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