"Every step in the right direction is a good one" - The Regular

Finalists’ Q&A: The Regular

By: Athena Kung

This week, Vic and Bex from The Regular share how their young sustainable accessory brand has been doing since the Sustainable Lifestyle Awards. Discover how they have been doing since placing as Accessory Brand of the Year joint runners up and how they had navigated their way through the last year of lockdowns.

Q: What have you learnt from entering the Awards?

A: We’ve learnt a lot! We’re hoping to work towards a B-corp certification in the coming months, and have learned how difficult this is. We’ve also learned that every step in the right direction is a good one, and not to be too hard on ourselves if we can’t do everything we want to straight away.

Q: Has the Awards opened up any new experiences and/or opportunities?

A: Good question. Absolutely!!! Having been runners up (after less than a year of launching) gave us a huge boost to our confidence, which in itself was immeasurable. Since then we have been stocked in Harvey Nichols and The Sustainable Department Store - both far earlier in our business life cycle than we had planned. With the prevalence of social media as well, it is difficult to attribute where our growth came from, but the exposure the Awards gave us has benefitted us, for sure.

Q: What feeds your passion? Where does it come from?

A: We spent many years designing for other brands which, quite frankly, we had no affinity with. As a designer, you design for ‘the customer’. We designed beautiful bags, only to have a chain added, or a giant charm hanging off the handle, an extra pocket or three, the list goes on…

Our passion is fed by what we want to wear, what we want to carry, how we want to look and, most importantly, how we want to feel.

We’re all busy, and nothing should be precious. We were passionate that our pieces were low maintenance, improving with age. Dry clearing is a bore (and very bad for the environment), and who enjoys ironing?! Our quilted pieces can be washed at 30 degrees, realising our aim at designing a collection that truly fitted our lifestyle.

Q: How are you adapting in light of COVID-19? Do you have anything to tease for our readers about upcoming projects?

A: It’s tough. Summer 2019 was probably not the best time to launch a new business! But being mainly a Direct to Consumer brand, we are fortunate enough to have been able to pivot. Through lockdown(s), we have had the opportunity to hunker down, get the sewing machine out, and spend time being more creative, in every part of our business.

We were always keen that any off-cuts from production should be repurposed to minimise waste.

And so, we were delighted to get our mums on board, utilising their lifetime of crafting skills and hopefully alleviating some lockdown boredom in the process as well. What we’re most excited about now is the launch of a limited edition patchwork version of our Quilt Dress very soon, with all the patchwork made by our lovely mums of course!

Oh and, our Spring/Summer 2021 collection is beautiful (but OK, we may be biased…)

Q: Do you have any routines that help you start or end the day positively and mindfully?

A: Exercise, even if it’s only for 30 minutes, is so helpful, especially at the moment. We are both keen runners and also take Pilates classes. And not being too hard on yourself. These are difficult times, and it’s a cliché to say take one day at a time, but we find that helps.

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