In conversation with…Besma Whayeb

Besma a is a Sustainable Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger at, and the Founder of Ethical Influencers, a digital community that connects brands and influencers based on their shared values and styles.

She is also one the SLAs esteemed judges.

Besma’s mission is to find kinder ways to live, without sacrificing on style or substance. Her work has appeared in publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Huffington Post, Pebble Magazine, Positive Luxury, The Sunday Times, and The Sunday Times Magazine.

With her wealth of knowledge and experience of all things sustainable, we are delighted to share with you Besma’s professional and personal top tips for conscious living.

1. What does the word ‘sustainable' mean to you?

If something is ’sustainable’, I expect it to be created responsibly, within planetary limits, with respect for the people involved, and with longevity and pleasure for the customer. That’s the ideal.

2. What are your top tips for sustainable living?

Review your lifestyle, see what you can improve, and change your ways. It’s all about making changes that work for you, which can easily be sustained.

3. How did you start your sustainable lifestyle journey?

I started my journey after living in Paris, and falling in love with their food culture. I started my own journey by getting into local food, and when I started asking where my food came from, it naturally evolved into where my fashion, beauty, and everything else came from too!

4. My Eureka moment! What is your personal story behind Curiously Conscious and Ethical Influencers?

When I first started Curiously Conscious, I purely wanted to jot down ideas for my own benefit, and then discovered the wonderful sustainable community online and it grew from there. I feel very fortunate to have a voice in this very busy digital world, and I know it’s partly down to hard work, and partly down to how welcoming and uplifting the eco community is online. I’m seeing that even more with the Ethical Influencers community, and it’s the most rewarding thing.

5. Growing your brand: The dos and don’ts of starting your own business.

So many! Don’t be afraid to self-promote - shout about yourself, online and in person, and you’ll find the right people to connect with. Do say yes to opportunities, but try to tailor them so that they fit your goals. Do keep an eye on your finances - starting a business may require sacrifices but it’s worth it. Do regularly review your progress, and push in the direction of the activities that work, leaving the rest behind. And don’t forget to check in with your mental and physical health - it’s crucial you look after yourself.

6. Finally, we would to hear about your wardrobe or beauty favourites. Are the items you can’t live without?

I love a high-necked top, so my Ninety Percent Navy Top, and my Everlane Cashmere Roll-neck are always in rotation. Right now, I’m currently obsessed with my Wolf & Moon Pear Earrings - handmade in Hackney with wood and recycled plastic, they’re both whimsical and eco, and they always add a little something extra when I wear them!

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