Want healthy, nourished hair? Do a little more, less often, advises organic hair pioneer.

By Tabitha James-Kraan

Spring is a time for emergence; after staying warm and cosy inside or going outside and facing the cold elements, our hair and skin can take quite a battering from these extremes, as can we. I believe we should go back to a more ritualistic way of looking after ourselves and do a little more less often.

Spring is the perfect time to have a ‘Spring Clean’ and you can do exactly that with your hair routine also.

For most of us, it has been the status quo to wash our hair daily, or every other day, with a strong detergent based shampoo and then perhaps conditioning it with a deep conditioner.

My ideas for what hair needs have been formulated over the last two decades, working naturally with hair at my organic salon in the Cotswolds: I discovered that hair, as a natural fabric, is much more responsive and behaves better when you use natural ingredients on it and the purer these ingredients the better. This is why I created my certified organic hair care to ensure it is a pure as is possible.

We can support our hair and scalp at this transitioning time of year by giving it time and nourishment using pure organic oils.

Hair rituals should start with oil balancing; a pre-wash treatment will nourish the hair and scalp and support the rebalancing of the scalp. My scented organic hair oil will support the scalp to calm over active oil production as well as nourish dry flaky skin on the scalp, which is common after winter. It will protect the hair and seal each strand allowing it to absorb moisture and be fully nourished avoiding the chance of frizzy, dehydrated hair. In our experience, prevention works better than cure when it comes to dry hair and frizz and it is normal for our hair to feel dry and dehydrated after the long winter months.

Having sealed and protected the hair, you then need to apply daily moisturiser to the hair to refresh it between washes. My organic 4-in-1 conditioner is the ideal product for this. Further more, it comes in multiple sizes and is refillable for your convenience, enabling you to reduce packaging long term.

When it comes to different hair types, here are my top tips for creating nourished, healthy hair:

If you have dry hair

Use the Scented Organic Hair Oil as a pre-wash twice weekly.

Rinse out any excess with the Hair Cleanser.

Finish with the 4-in-1 Conditioner and apply morning and night

If you have normal hair

Use the Scented Organic Hair Oil as a pre-wash weekly (you only need do this once).

Rinse out any excess with the Clean Shampoo.

Finish with 4-in-1 Conditioner and wear a drop every few days.

If you have curly hair

Wear the Scented Organic Hair Oil daily on wet and dry hair, one drop at a time.

Co-wash with the 4-in-1 Conditioner and wear it as a leave in to dress your hair.

Apply Clean Conditioner as a rinse off and a small amount to dress when you need weight on the ends.

For questions regarding your specific hair care needs, Tabitha and her team can be connected on @tabithajk and through their website.

Tabitha James-Kraan -The organic hair pioneer who has been delivering her brand of conscious hairdressing at her organic hair salon in the Cotswolds since 1999. Tabitha has pioneered a professional, organic hair care range that is certified by the Soil Association (Cosmos Organic). Her range is selling in over 25 countries around the world. Tabitha is a public speaker, blogger and influencer in the natural beauty sector. In her own words Tabitha is a "Hair Geek”, a passionate naturalist, environmentalist, animal lover and all round organic guru.

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