"We Would Like to See More Brands Taking Responsibility for Their Production Line" - Tala

By: Athena Kung

Kicking off our Finalists’ Q&A miniseries, we are thrilled to share our catch-up with our Activewear award finalist TALA to see how this slow fashion, sustainable style activewear brand is doing, and what changes they would like to see in the activewear industry. Read on as TALA’s Senior Brand and Partnerships Manager Sarah Gillespie shares how TALA continues to ensure a sustainable and responsible production line, in light of the challenges COVID-19 has presented.

How are you adapting in light of COVID-19? Do you have anything to tease about upcoming projects?

We are extremely grateful to be working in a thriving industry, and have done our very best to meet the demands for activewear and loungewear in particular, while keeping the health and safety of our workers as our number one priority. The pandemic has unfortunately meant production timelines have been longer, and some delays with introducing new collections to the market. That being said, we do have an extremely exciting collection which we’ve been working on for the last 12 months, and while it is unfortunate this has been postponed till later on in 2021, do keep an eye out on our socials and website for teasers!

What sustainable changes would you like to see in the post-COVID-19/living-alongside-COVID-19 world?

When the pandemic first hit, several high street brands were called out for not paying their garment workers for orders placed when the pandemic hit. Therefore, a sustainable change we would like to see is more brands taking responsibility for their production line.

What are some challenges you encountered in the sustainability world?

There are certainly challenges that come with ensuring our products have the highest possible quantity of recycled materials, while continuing to remain at an accessible price point.

In particular, the cost of producing sustainable products is much higher, meaning our margins are smaller than fast fashion brands, resulting in us having less money to put into our marketing.

What feeds your passion? Where does it come from?

Our community! As a small brand, we are able to listen to our customers’ feedback and adapt relatively quickly, and we absolutely love to hear what they think of our collections.

Our community holds us accountable and makes sure we are staying true to our values.

Is there a brand/business/KOL/influencer you’re loving at the moment?

We love to see what other sustainable brands are doing. Currently, we’re really admiring Wild’s (eco-friendly natural deodorant) approach to their marketing.

Do you have any routines that help you start or end the day positively and mindfully?

I like to get out for a walk in my local park before work - it’s a good time to get some fresh air and assess my day ahead, before getting started with the day.

To stay up-to-date with TALA's upcoming projects, check out their website here or their socials.

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