Winners Announced for Sustainable Lifestyle Awards 2019

It’s time for the golden envelope moment - the winners announcement for this year’s Sustainable Lifestyle Awards!

We’ve been delighted by the high level of this year’s entries, and for many of the categories, we saw a true representation of the best in the industry. Our esteemed judges spent time together getting to know each brand, product, campaign, and the creatives who entered this year’s awards, and after much deliberation, have appointed the winners and runners-up.

Our judging process revolved around an equal split for style and sustainability, and every single one of this year’s winners embody a beautiful blend of the two.

Without further ado, scroll down to discover this year’s winners, and the stand-out runners up, for each of our categories:


WINNER: Pala Eyewear

JUDGES THOUGHTS: Pala is a powerful, sustainable fashion brand which offers its market a beautiful product which is reasonably priced and gives back to communities as much as it takes out. The judges were impressed by a number of sustainable aspects which Pala has built their brand around: from their use of ethical and recycled materials, both for product and packaging, providing fair wage employment for workers, empowering women and giving back to communities by supporting eye-care programmes in Africa, and the fact that they also offset their carbon emissions with every purchase of eyewear.

JOINT RUNNERS UP: Luxtra and The Regular


WINNER: Evolve Organic Beauty

JUDGES THOUGHTS: Evolve’s ethos and aesthetic lived up to the qualities the Sustainable Lifestyle Awards are looking for in a beauty brand. Evolve’s commitment to sourcing ingredients not only in a sustainable, ethical way but also as close to home as possible, before venturing out for exotic ingredients from far-flung corners of the world, is what all brands should be looking to emulate.

Evolve Beauty’s price point means that the brand is accessible to a broader section of society, whilst not undermining the cost involved in sourcing ingredients in an honourable way. The products also perform effectively, thereby encouraging the consumer to be concerned with both the exterior and interior of the products, adding to the overall sustainability of the brand. Ultimately, Evolve has built a brand that the judges feel is trustworthy and are delivering on their promises to their customers and the environment.


SPECIAL MENTION: Tabitha James Kraan

Brand of The Year


JUDGES THOUGHTS: Blanc was the obvious winner for this category based on the fact that they are tackling an industry where toxicity is really rampant. Many traditional dry cleaners use a chemical known as PERC (perchloroethylene) that is bad for both our health and the environment. However, Blanc works with non-toxic, biodegradable detergents and pure water which is safe for both people and the planet.

Blanc are also vocal about the issues with plastic within the dry cleaning industry and have switched to brown paper bags where possible and reduce as much as possible. They are constantly looking for more solutions to the problem at hand and always ask the customer for feedback - the judging panel really appreciated this transparency. Blanc does a great job in being as honest and as green as possible in the dry cleaning industry, an industry which really needs to be called out for being damaging to our environment.

RUNNER UP: Life Water

Content Creator

WINNER: Conscious Chatter

JUDGES THOUGHTS: Kestrel Jenkins, founder of Conscious Chatter, has created an open-source audio platform to great success.

With a growing and engaged audience, the content is informative and engaging whilst providing a level of substance which encourages repeat listens and shareability. Her content sheds light and questions on key and emerging issues within the fashion industry, such as consumerism, production practices and representation. Using an inquisitive interview-style, Kestrel pushes her guests to share opinions and digs a little deeper on rich topics and themes.

The content’s visual styles and branding also shake off the norms of sustainability, eco ‘stylings’ and bring a modern spin to the cause. A definite winner for this year’s category!

RUNNER UP: Our Good Brands

Fashion Brand

WINNER: Riley Studio

JUDGES THOUGHTS: Riley Studio is a hugely impactful sustainable fashion brand that balances responsible business practices with a pleasing aesthetic. Garments are ethically produced from waste such as plastic bottles, fishing nets and textiles. Their small but perfectly formed collections are underpinned by a principled approach to manufacture and a well-communicated ethos of mindful consumption. The brand gives a lifetime guarantee to all its products, offering a Recycle Programme in order to prevent their garments ending up in landfill.


Footwear Brand

WINNER: Juta Shoes

JUDGES THOUGHTS: As an espadrille, the style of Juta Shoes are not fashion forward nor high-tech but rather a craft classic. And when is a classic not stylish!

Juta Shoes combines this celebration of style with a preservation of traditional craft whilst teaching skills and providing a route to employment for marginalised women.

Juta Shoes are a great example of the type of business model we need to foster if we want to see more inclusive, slow, sustainable businesses.

Gift & Lifestyle Brand

WINNER: Kloris

JUDGES THOUGHTS: Kloris stood out as a business that is committed to sustainability from start to finish, who does not compromise design, quality, and innovation, and who produces products that are not only deserving of a place on our planet but are worthy of the planet’s resources that it takes to create the products.

RUNNER UP: Aerende

Homeware Brand

WINNER: Aerende

JUDGES THOUGHTS: The judging panel was blown away by Aerende. The aesthetic, branding, thought and meaning behind the brand’s name and above all Aerende’s approach to social enterprise are exemplary.

The judges were particularly impressed and humbled by the backstory of the brand, and - above all - how Aerende’s workforce is made up of people who are facing social challenges in the UK. The judges truly believe that Aerende is one of the most impressive brands any of them have come across in terms of combining different needs and products with incredibly desirable designs. They were impressed by the wide range of products offered by the brand - from bed linen and candles, to pottery and chopping boards, there is something for everyone!

They appreciated the transparency of the brand’s website and think other brands should take note of this and replicate it across their own platforms. The judges really were truly impressed by Aerende and their mission to make every home ethical.




JUDGES THOUGHTS: It was clear to our judging panel that Dame is a business who take their goals seriously down to every last detail.

There is a huge need and gap in the marketplace for sustainable tampons. To this end, Dame have provided a well-resolved solution with a good practical design. The product is considered and unique and sits well within the ‘green’ message of the Sustainable Lifestyle Awards.

Dame are already a B-corp and the sustainability heart of the business clearly drives the team forward daily. Dame is an innovative brand with an innovative product. A truly deserving winner!

RUNNER UP: HURR Collective

Jewellery Brand

WINNER: Yala Jewellery

JUDGES THOUGHTS: The brand Yala presented a complete picture of their supply chain, including many strong sustainable elements, all in a transparent manner.

Yala scored highly for our judging panel on its sustainable story - including responsibly sourced materials, environmental impact, fair wage policies, transparency of process and social impact with the added certification that comes from being a B Corp.

The judges were taken by the ability of Yala’s founder to make a success of the business with so little outside support. Finally and just as importantly in this application, the product is simple, beautiful and honest.


Launch of The Year

WINNER: SpringBond

JUDGES THOUGHTS: The judging panel chose Springbond due to the sustainable innovation of an item that is so fundamental to most homes. Each roll of this new underlay material uses a combination of recycled single-use plastics and PET bottles, which aims to combat the 8 million tonnes of plastic thrown into our oceans every year. Further more, Springbond are combating indoor air pollution, which is a huge problem here in the UK, and they are 100% recyclable, therefore giving it an infinite lifespan.

The judges loved the thoughtful aspects of this material - from start to finish. Its ability and mission to serve numerous households in becoming more eco-friendly is admirable and impressive.


People’s Choice

WINNER: KIND jewellery

PEOPLE’S CHOICE FEEDBACK: From their designs to materials to packaging, KIND Jewellery create beautiful sustainable jewellery with ecologically sound practices at the forefront of their story, website and all their communications.

RUNNER UP: 58 Lifestyle

Person of The Year

WINNER: Tabitha from Tabitha James Kraan

JUDGES THOUGHTS: Toxic chemicals and palm oil are some of the accepted harmful ingredients used by big businesses in their hair products, both of which are damaging to people and the environment.

To produce a product that offers an alternative, whilst re-educating people on how to manage their hair and seek to challenge the lack of industry regulation, the judges’ Person of the Year choice is Tabitha James Kraan. Tabitha’s work covers so many important issues, from mitigating plastics to promoting the organic. She is a true aspiration.

RUNNER UP: Natasha of &Keep


WINNER: Pensons at The Netherwood Estate

JUDGES THOUGHTS: Pensons is the epitome of a sustainable restaurant, with hyper-local food, investment in local artisans and community, and a view to continuing this same ethos as it establishes itself (being less than a year old at the time of judging).

There is a well-rounded focus on the wellbeing of staff, community, and guests. Style-wise, the chefs, food, and interior speak for themselves, showcased in a classic rural England style without any unnecessary frills.

RUNNER UP: Flat Earth Pizzas


WINNER: Beauty Kitchen

JUDGES THOUGHTS: Beauty Kitchen have made huge steps to maintain true to their ethos as a fully sustainable brand.

Beauty Kitchen have reimagined the supply chain from a consumable one to a durable refill one making it affordable. Their return, refill, repeat initiative is fantastic, making it easy for the customer to reduce their waste. As well as packaging, they’re certified B Corp, donate a portion of sales, their products use 100% natural ingredients and their product is certified and traceable from cradle to cradle.

Beauty Kitchen is forward thinking in their approach to being a sustainable brand who have carefully and conscientiously considered sustainability in all facets of the business.

RUNNER UP: Evolve Organic Beauty


WINNER: Tropic

JUDGES THOUGHTS: Tropic Skincare has been a leading vegan beauty brand and they keep getting better. Having recently launched their refillable palettes, they are also now offering refillable serums too. They are certified carbon negative and, since October 2019, they have been working with United World Schools to help give education to children in Cambodia, Nepal and Myanmar. The products are made in the UK, without harmful chemicals and sustainably sourced. All products are recyclable too.

Tropic Skincare has a signature paper packaging that is completely recyclable, with bold, exotic prints which catches the eye. RRP is reasonable and the product does last well. Products have a lovely texture and feel to them, perfect for everyday use. The judges loved that the lipstick has refillable packaging and it lasted well.

Tropic Skincare ticks the boxes as a beauty brand delivering both in style and sustainability. The products work very well, and they strive to make this world a better place. Well done Tropic!


Winnings & Thank You

All of the category winners will receive bespoke prizes depending on the category won, and we look forward to celebrating their success at our Announcement Ceremony, held at Lone Design Club’s concept store in Shoreditch, London. You can book tickets to attend the event on Eventbrite:

Finally, we would like to thank each entrant of this year’s awards, for your sustainable approaches, stylish execution, and continued work in creating a more measured, responsible approach within your industries.

We would also like to thank the judges for dedicating their time and effort to supporting this year’s awards, carefully looking over all entries, appointing winners and providing formative feedback.

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